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The Anglican Church
                 in the Pas-de-Calais

Association Cultuelle de L'Église Anglicane du Pas de Calais

Did you know that there was a lively, friendly, welcoming Anglican Christian community in the Pas-de-Calais?  Many English speakers live and holiday in our region, and our Church provides a vibrant centre and reference point for this community.  What draws us all together, as Saint Paul reminded us in his first letter to the Corinthians, are the qualities of fellowship, hope, and love.  Through our regular services and our many other social activities - in three different centres in the region - you are most welcome to experience and share this spiritual warmth and fellowship.


ˇ        We hold regular services in our three centres - Calais, Boulogne and Hesdin

ˇ        We actively provide mutual support for all members of our congregations

ˇ        We encourage outreach through a variety of social and other initiatives


Above all, our Church provides a friendly and enjoyable way to explore and develop your faith among a warmly welcoming community.  

Our Chaplain: Rev Kirrilee Reid can be contacted on: 
Tel: : 0983428753
or Port: 0766883484
email: kirrilee.reid@gmail.com



For a copy of our latest Chaplaincy newsletter please click on the link below:


Our Facebook page can be found at:


If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding issues please get in touch with our Safeguarding Officer:Daphne Power 0322314944 email:


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